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Harry Potter and the the Sorcerer’s Stone Book 2

J. K. Rowling

Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12-13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16 and Chapter 17.

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3.The _____________ becomes a symbol of bad consequences that can come from good intentions. Chapter 14.
5.Voldemort’s fatal flaw is that he is _________________ about what is important in life. Chapter 17.
6.Later, Harry gets a note saying the dragon _____ is hatching. Chapter 14.
7.Madam Hooch takes him to the _____________, telling everyone to stay on the ground while she is away. Chapter 9.
9.Which teachers cast __________ to guard the stone. Chapter 14.
11.Hagrid’s fondness for ___________ shows that he can see the gentle side of even fierce creatures. Chapter 14.
13.The thought of nineteenth-century German _____________ Friedrich Nietzsche. Chapter 17.
14.____________ agrees to help them and arranges for them to meet some of his friends to take the dragon away. Chapter 14.
15.On Halloween, ___________ begins teaching his students how to make things fly. Chapter 10.
16.The outer world of ___________ research to the inner world of memories. Chapter 12-13.
17.We see that identifying one’s enemy is a key part of any ________ strategy. Chapter 11.
18.The surrounding Forbidden __________. Chapter 15.
21.An important clue in the mystery at the heart of the story involves a ________________ of a school rule. Chapter 9.
23.The general alarm created by the sighting of a troll within the __________ walls. Chapter 10.
25.He flies to follow him and hears Snape talking harshly in the forest to __________________ and mentioning the Sorcerer’s Stone. Chapter 12-13.
27.A certain point the glory and fame that come from being crowned house ____________ are less important than the battle between good and evil. Chapter 16.
29.________________ tries to persuade Harry to give him the stone, which he knows is in Harry’s pocket. Chapter 17.
30.Harry and Malfoy come across a mysterious cloaked figure drinking the __________ of a recently killed unicorn. Chapter 15.
33.Hermione and Ron, who tells Harry that Snape was putting a curse on his _______________. Chapter 11.
34.The dining hall is decorated in Slytherin colors to celebrate Slytherin’s seventh ______________ win of the championship cup. Chapter 17.
35.But also that he needs to cultivate ____________ and allies if he is going to be able to use these powers effectively. Chapter 11.
1.The death appears to be even more evil when we find out that the ____________ has died. Chapter 15.
2.Filch takes Harry, Hermione, and Ron to ____________________’s office to be punished. Chapter 15.
4.Harry is relieved to find that Dumbledore is not ________. Chapter 12-13.
8.Mirror and gentle advice that Harry not consult it anymore show that the great wizard is a wise ____________________. Chapter 12-13.
10.Hermione is an expert in _________. Chapter 16
12.A couple of drinks is what enables the __________ to learn the secret of the guard dog.
19.Suddenly, they hear ___________, the school caretaker, and his cat, Mrs. Norris, enter the room. Chapter 9.
20.Flamel is close to achieving _____________, and yet he prefers to die. Chapter 17.
22.Hermione tears Ron and Harry away from a conversation with Hagrid to look in the library for more information about _________________. Chapter 12-13.
24.The same association between breaking the rules and transcending one’s _____________ is noticeable in Harry’s flying-lesson escapade. Chapter 9.
26.Harry uses his ______________ skills to catch the right bird and unlock the door. Chapter 16.
28.Dumbledore’s _________, after all, is exceptional and praiseworthy. Chapter 17.
30.Later in the game, Harry’s _________ begins moving uncontrollably. Chapter 11.
31.An old classroom marked with an inscription that includes the word “_______." Chapter 12-13.
32.They learn that the Sorcerer’s __________ transforms any metal into gold and produces an elixir of everlasting life. Chapter 12-13.

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