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World History-mid-term


1 2 3
4             5 6              
7                 8      
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14         15                 16 17             18  
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  31 32        
33     34                       35
    36                   37          

4.A brave Christian girl martyred for her faith.
6.He was a famous Greek hero in Homer's works.
7.This belief was a threat to the church because it denied the deity of Jesus Christ.
8.The supposed king of the Greek gods.
12.The wars between Rome and Carthage were called this.
13.Image destroyer.
14.He was known for his merciless law code.
15.Defender of the faith
17.Ruled by the few.
19.He wrote the Iliad and Odyssey.
21.This was a period of peace and prosperity. (2-wrds)
22.A criminal forced to fight in a public show.
23.He opened Japan to missions. (2-wrds)
24.He wrote the City of God.
27.This African empire was founded by Mansa Musa.
28.Spartan general.
30.This was completed by A.D.100
34.Cyril and Methodius were famous Byzantine what?
36.He initiated the tenth and greatest persecution.
37.He crossed the Rubicon and became master of Rome.
38.Ruled by the best.
39.The type of Greek the New Testament was written in.
40.This mountain erupted, burying Herculaneum and Pompeii in volcanic ash,
41.Chiang Kai-shek led these Chinese in their civil war.
1.This was the greatest naval battle in history.
2.A hilltop fortress.
3.Hebrew word for "Anointed One."
5.He tutored Alexander.
9.He was a ruler in Macedonia before conquering all of Greece. (3-wrds)
10.This Empress was a great influence on the law code of Justinian's reign.
11.He was a Greek physician.
12.An educated slave.
16.Hindu belief in "life after death."
18.He was a great Carthaginian general.
20.Underground tunnels
25.Common people of Rome.
26.Ruled by the many or the common people
29.He was the first tyrant of Athens.
31.He granted toleration to Christians with the Edict of Milan.
32.This was the magnificent cathedral built by Justinian. (2-wrds)
33.He was the greatest of the Byzantine rulers
35.He produced the Latin Vulgate.

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