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Math Vocab-Unit 6

Madison P

1 2
3                             4      
9                       10     11    
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  19   20        
      22         23            

3.a variable that affects and is depended on by variable Y. (2 Words)
5.the state of two sides of an equation having the same value.
6.a set with no value, but has nothing that is not in the parent set and therefore is a subset of that set; represented by or { }. (2 Words)
7.a table used to determine the value of X, the value of Y, or the function itself. (2 Words)
9.a variable that results from and depends on the variable X and the function. (2 Words)
13.having a smaller amount compared to another amount. (2 Words)
14.the state of two sides of an equation having different values.
15.the operation acted on all inputs in a set of data to get their outputs.
18.having a smaller value or the same value as another value. (5 Words)
21.unlimited, going on forever, unable to be counted.
22.a set that matches the solution(s) of the question you are trying to answer. (2 Words)
24.having more value than something else. (2 Words)
25.the operation(s) acted on the input to get the output.
1.an unlimited amount of something. (2 Words)
2.having a larger value or the same value as another value. (5 Words)
4.an equation that includes variables and coefficients. (2 Words)
8.a letter used to represent a number in an equation.
10.the reverse operation. (2 Words)
11.an equation resulting in a straight line on the coordinate plane. (2 Words)
12.having the same value as something else. (2 Words)
15.a real number written as a fraction without zero as the denominator, a repeating or ending decimal, or an integer. (2 Words)
16.a set of coordinates used to locate a point on the coordinate plane. (2 Words)
17.a number placed beside a variable when they are to be multiplied together.
19.the number resulting from the input being acted on by the function.
20.a number that is not placed immediately before a variable and has its own operation.
23.the number acted on by the function to get the output.

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