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Hip Hop Dictionary

Coach Meyer - Dance 1

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1.The footwork and handwork a b-boy does in order to prepare for a set
3.Trends in hip hop that follow a song's specific dance, temporary in nature
6.A move that pops up from lying on your back to an upright position on your feet
10.Old school form of popping that has longer pauses between hits
12.Looks like (1/2) of a Kartwheel, kicks into the handstand position, then grab your ankle
13.Waving the body parts down the center from head to toe, can also be done in reverse (2 Words)
15.Any choreography that involves the feet
16.Moves that create an illusion as if part of the body is being continually threaded
19.A style that uses a person's double-jointed abilities to create interesting poses
20.Forming 90 degree angles with your arms, hands, and fingers
22.A handstand that folds the legs into a shape of a 9
23.A chest pop that hits fast and returns fast, looks like a hiccup
25.Creating moves/stalls/tricks with a partner's assistance
27.Acrobatic flips and incorporating gymnastics into your routine (2 Words)
30.The style of a b-boy that involves toprock, downrock, freezes, spins, and power moves
31.The direction in the room where to isolate a specific body part
32.A style that is bouncy and floaty at the same time, often down to house music
2.Fight dancing or Brazilian martial arts dancing
4.A spin that is done of various body parts: head, back, knee, elbow, tailbone
5.Your center of gravity is lower for hip hop than all other dance styles
7.Opposite of a lunge, the knee faces the other direction and hinges inward
8.To move one body part at a time, also called "iso's"
9.A weight change of the feet, usually performed faster and with more force (2 Words)
11.A fast, aggressive, non-violent dance that is used to release anger
14.Contracting and releasing the muscles to cause a jerk in the body
17.Rolling across different body parts that are connected, can also wave to another person
18.Poses that stop on the head, shoulder, back, elbow, hands, etc.
21.The fastest form of hip hop, used in old school styles to show body control and speed
24.The footwork a b-boy does into order to prepare for a set, this only involves the feet
26.Footwork that stays connected to the floor at all times, looks like the person is on ice
28.A body roll that starts from head then stops at the toe into a limp position (2 Words)
29.Making wave-like patterns across your face

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