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Earthquakes, Tornadoes & Avalanches

Ms. Moscinski

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2.Tornado rating system: F0 - 5
6.Tornadoes are connected with the surface of the Earth and a
7.Avalanches are described by there: ____, destructive potential, initial mechanism and composition/dynamics.
9.Hurricane that affected the Carribean and U.S. August 23-30, 2005
11.Flag color when there is low avalanche risk
13.Tornado rating system: T0 - 11
14.In the Carribean, hurricane Katrina mostly affected the Bahamas and
18.storm system with spiral thunderstorms and a low pressure center
21.The center of a hurricane is called the ____.
22.The ____ Effect determines the direction of wind flow in each hemisphere.
24.Tornadoes have been observed on every continent except
25.When there is medium to high risk of avalanches, the flag colors are yellow &
27.When hurricanes move over land they ____ strength.
28.Which southern U.S. coastal town was the most affected by hurricane Katrina?
31.Tornado in the desert
35.Hurricanes/cyclones develop over ____ bodies of warm water.
36.In the southern hemisphere, hurricanes turn:
37.Tornadoes develop from thunderstorms called
38.Tornadoes detection systems use 4-D analysis: 3-D location & its radial _____.
1.Hurricanes can create high waves, storm ____ and, possibly, tornadoes.
3.violently rotating column of air
4.A strip of the U.S. midwest where most tornadoes occur is called Tornado ____.
5.The center of a tropical cyclone will be ____ than its surroundings.
8.Avalanches are also known as a snowslide or _____.
10.Flag color when avalanche risk is very high
12.Avalanches are triggered when the forces on the snow ____ its strength.
15.Newest survival gear for avalanche survival are flotation ____ bags
16.Nickname for tornadoes in the U.S.
17.Hurricanes are good for the Earth, b/c they relieve ____ conditions.
19.rapid flow of snow down a slope
20.In the southern hemisphere, tornadoes are called
23.Tornado over water
26.In the U.S., hurricane Katrina mostly affected: Florida, Louisiana, ____ & Alabama.
29.In the _____ hemisphere, hurricanes turn counterclockwise.
30.Hurricanes are also known as tropical:
32.Hurricanes/cyclones carry ____ energy way from the tropics and help regulate the Earth's temperature.
33.Hurricanes produce strong winds and ____ rains.
34.To detect tornadoes, ____-Doppler radar is used.

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