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2                         3
4   5 6       7                
      10 11                      
        12           13        
15   16          
17                         18

2.the act of confronting
6.mean or bad words
8.cigarette smoke that that passes into the air without first being inhaled by the smoker.
11.something that happens when you make a good or bad move.
12.a method of learning to control one's bodily functions by monitoring one's own brain waves.
17.to put off.
19.an expression of praise
20.to put up with something
1.the act of solving problems.
3.something that is bothering you.
4.to not understand something or someone.
5.something that contributes to something else.
7.a job or task that you are asked to do.
9.how someone feels about themself
10.when something is keeping something else up.
13.when you get addicted and misuse medicine prescribed to you by a doctor.
14.sneaky and betraying
15.the state of being in intense happiness.
16.an organism that eats.
18.a trick

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