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Space Crossword

Zachary Bink Block 1

1 2 3
5       6             7     8       9
      10 11                  
17   18 19
  22                   23      

5.A large strip of Space located between Mars and Jupiter that is where most asteroids are found
8.Another term for the moon
10.A man that travels to space
13.A person who studies astronomy
14.The distance that light travel in one year
15.Another name for the gas planets
16.A car-like device that can drive on the surface of the moon
20.A large body of metal that travels to space at incredible speeds
21.A system of planets that revolve around a solor a star
22.An invisible air particle that gives us air
23.A smaller, planet type object, that has been caught by the planet’s atmosphere
24.The theory that the universe was created by a large explosion
1.A planet that either deemed too small or to unknown to be a planet
2.A large spacecraft
3.The galaxy that the Earth currently resides in
4.The smallest planet
6.The turning of a body on its axis
7.A device that can land on the moon
9.Saturn has a ton of them
11.Closest star to earth
12.A group of stars, planets, and gasses that are held together by gravity
17.The study of space and the thing in space
18.Never points away from the sun
19.The earth is tilted on this
23.It's called the red planet

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