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See, Hear, Speak No Evil

Justin Rubin

Vocabulary assignment.

1 2     3  
4         5

2.A wave of sound. - Whales use it to communicate. (SONA)
4.Extremely small or smaller than the usual size. (MIN)
7.A device to talk to people of long distances. (TELE)
8.To use your eyes or to do with vision. (OPT)
9.What you hear from speakers or any type of sound wave. (AUD)
1.A person who "dictates" over people or subjects. (DICT)
3.To proclaim for all to hear or to have the intention of all to hear. (NOUNC)
5.To bug something to no end. (VOKE)
6.Being weary or not sure about something. (SPECT)
8.Having to do with the mouth or inside the mouth. (OR)

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