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Computer Network Terms

Judith Garcia-Bigger

Utilizing common knowledge of networking equipment, clues will be given by networking and non-networking terminology.

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5.amount of traffic a network can hold
6.individual that is at the end of the network chain
8.how networks are physical connected
11.non smart networking device
13.type of connection using 10/100
15.large businesses utilize this system, but requires security
17.local network, astrology
18.something found on a finger
19.a single location on a network
20.personal system found at home or in a small office, low needed security
22.a global or regional network
23.Metropolitan Network Area
1.cell phones use this network to connect to a wireless access point
2.connects multiple devices, can be managed or unmanaged
3.creates oxygen for humans
4.supports data and resource sharing in a small area
5.central equipment that creates a network
7.creates tunnels utilizing a WAN / LAN configuration
9.protection against outside intruders
10.Type of networking cable
12.small network using BNC connectors
14.solar flares
16.reach out and touch someone
19.interface between motherboard and CAT5
20.cooking utensil found on stovetop
21.Data cable connector

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