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The Outsiders

Michael Leopanto

1 2
5                           6
10   11      
14     15            
18                             19
20 21          

3.The name of Sodapop's old horse that was taken away from him years ago.
5.Her friends call her Cherry. She is a Soc that serves as a spy for the Greasers.
8.The young man that supplied Johnny and Ponyboy with 50 bucks, a loaded gun, and a hideout.
10.The boy that was killed by Johnny after their fight.
12.The gun that Dally carried as a bluff.
13.The nickname for the police.
15.The main character of the book. Who is the brother of both Sodapop and Darry.
16.Also known as Two-Bit because his name was unpopular.
18.Also known as a cigarette.
22.The mountain that the old abandoned church is on.
23.The country town that Johnny and Ponyboy escaped to after killing a man.
24.The side of town that the Socs occupy.
1.The drink that Ponyboy claims is his addiction.
2.The book that Johnny bought for Ponyboy to pass time.
4.The place Dally told the police that Johnny and Ponyboy ran away to.
6.The movie theater that the Greasers normally attend on Friday nights.
7.The back to back movie event that happens every Friday night after curfue.
9.Ponyboy's best friend who killed a Soc.
11.The car that the group of trouble making Socs drive around in.
14.The place where Johnny and Ponyboy hid out from the police.
17.The side of town that the Greasers occupy.
19.The gang of people who occupied the East Side of town.
20.Ponyboy's older brother who raises both of his brothers.
21.The main enemy of the Greasers. (they are rich)

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