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TAKS Review People


2                         3 4
5   6    
7                         8              
  15                             16    
    19                             20  
22                               23                        
  25                 26                      

2.promoted women's suffrage (3 Words)
7.led invasion of Normandy beaches in WWII and president encourageing the Interstate Highway Act (2 Words)
9.president during the Great Depression and New Deal author (2 Words)
10.Authored the Influence of Sea Power on History and promoted a strong American navy (3 Words)
11.attorney representing John Scopes in the Monkey trial of the 1920's (2 Words)
13.leader of the Rough Riders and progressive president promoting a Square Deal (2 Words)
15.first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris (2 Words)
18.first female Supreme Court justice appointed by Ronald Reagan (3 Words)
19.Massachusetts Senator supporting American imperialism and opposed to the Treaty of Versailles (3 Words)
22.1960's Civil Rights leader, authored Letter from Birmingham jail (3 Words)
23.admiral in the Pacific theatre during WWII (2 Words)
24.president responsible for using the atomic bomb and promoting the G.I. bill (2 Words)
25.led protest against discrimination on Montgomery buses (2 Words)
26.conservative President, improved relations with Russia, devised Star Wars program, provided tax breaks to Americans (2 Words)
27.author of The Crisis, created the NAACP and promoted litigation to achieve rights for African-Americans (2 Words)
1.general leading the American Expeditionary Forces during WWI (3 Words)
3.author of The Jungle critic of the meat packing industry (2 Words)
4.President ended Vietnam conflict, supported environmental programs, improved relations with China, involved in Watergate scandal (2 Words)
5.philinthropic industrialist from the steel industry (2 Words)
6.first black military airmen who escorted bombers in WWII (2 Words)
8.presidential candidate known for the Cross of Gold speech and free silver argument (3 Words)
12.general in charge of the Pacific theatre and occupation of Japan at the end of WWII (2 Words)
14.organized protests among migrant farm workers (2 Words)
16.army chief of staff during WWII and promoted economic recovery in Europe after WWII (2 Words)
17.first African-American Supreme Court justice and argued case for Brown v. Board of Education (2 Words)
20.trained and supported Chinese Air Force during WWII (2 Words)
21.developed the assembly line in automobile production (2 Words)

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