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Imperfect tense

  2             3
4           5    
6   7               8            
  9   10               11  
    12         13      
14                   15
  16 17   18                  
20         21          
22   23                      

2.I was ordering
4.you (sg) were seeking
6.he/she was reading
8.you (sg) were able
10.they were hiding
12.I was
13.he/she/it was
14.I was falling
17.you (pl) were fleeing
19.they were being silent
20.they were leading
23.we were sleeping
24.I was writing
25.you (sg) were finding
1.I was able
2.he was branding
3.I was asking
5.I was getting up
7.he/she/it was groaning
8.you (pl) were able
9.they were holding
11.they were barking
15.we were able
16.he/she/it was doing/was making
17.you (pl) were welcoming
18.we were hurrying
21.they were listening to
22.you (sg) were

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