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Environmental Resources

Chapter 3 Key Terms

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1.use natural resources as long as they do not destroy those resources (2 Words)
6.a species in danger of becoming extinct (2 Words)
8.process of cutting down all the trees in an area at once
13.belief that all parts of the environment are equally important, no matter how useful they are to humans (2 Words)
16.illegal hunting of wildlife
19.a species that influences the survival of others in an ecosystem (2 Words)
20.a change to the environment that has a negative effect on living things
21.a regular amount of a renewable resource that can be harvested without reducing future supplies (2 Words)
22.a species that could become endangered in the near future (2 Words)
2.a natural resource that is not replaced as it is used (2 Words)
3.chemical in Pacific Yew tree bark that has cancer-fighting properties
4.the breaking of a habitat into smaller, isolated pieces (2 Words)
5.the process of cutting down only some trees in an area (2 Words)
7.a resurce that is naturally replaced in a relatively short time (2 Words)
9.disappearance of all members of a species from Earth
10.the loss of a natural habitat (2 Words)
11.mating of endangered animals in zoos or preserves (2 Words)
12.freely use and benefit from all of Earth's resources (2 Words)
14.raising fish and other organisms for food
15.number of different species in an area
17.a structure in an organism's cells that carries its heredity information
18.an area with a large population of valuable ocean organisms

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