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Ch.19 Therapy

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1.Treatment approaches build upon the basic processes of learning, such as reinforcement and extinction\
3.Brain surgery once used to reduce symptoms of mental disorders but rarely used today\
5.__ therapy is where people discuss problems in a group
7.talk therapy
10.Empathy & active listening of the client's view of reality is a major goal of a (n) ___(person) therapist.\ (2 Words)
15.The use of medications, electroconvulsive therapy, or other medical treatments to treat the symptoms associated with psychological disorders (2 Words)
17.Wonder Women's therapist tells her to relax, close her eyes, and state aloud whatever comes to mind no matter how trivial or absurd. The therapist is using a technique central to psychoanalysis called\ (2 Words)
19.Harvey Dent takes __ because it helps control mood swings that are symptomatic of his bipolar disorder\
21.a form of psychosurgery involves removing or destroying brain tissue with a ice pick.\
23.Repeatedly pairing an punishment with the occurrence of undesirable behaviors (2 Words)
25.An important feature of the person-centered therapy is (2 Words)
26.Drugs improve a depressed patient's mood and feeling of well-being. \
27.Empathic understanding of the client's view of reality is a major goal of a(n) ___ therapist.
28.An inability or unwillingness to discuss or reveal particular memories, thoughts, or motivations is called\
2.Distorted thinking; to take one instance in the here and now, and to impose this on all future situations (2 Words)
4.Is treatment in which a therapist uses psychological techniques to help someone overcome psychological disturbances.\
6.A sort of tunnel vision where we focus on only one part of a situation and ignore the rest. (2 Words)
8.Treatment approach teaches people to think in more adaptive ways by changing their dysfunctional thoughts about the world and themselves\
9.Drugs temporarily reduce symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.\
11.Is a behavioral technique in which gradual exposure to anxiety-producing stimuli is paired with relaxation in order to extinguish the response of anxiety.\
12.Dr. Evil believes that most psychological disorders result from chemical abnormalities within the brain. In her work as a Psychiatrist, Dr. Evil is most likely to make use of:\ (2 Words)
13.Therapy that integrates cognitive and behavioral techniques and that is based on the assumption that thoughts, moods and behaviors are interrelated (2 Words)
14.For you to think you are worthless because your parents criticize you is absurd! (irrational belief) You're worthless only if you think you are." This statement would most likely to be made to client by a __ therapist. (2 Words)
16.modifying behavior by conditioning a new response that is incompatible with a previously learned response (2 Words)
18.Disorder is most likely to be characterized by alternations between extreme hopelessness and unrealistic optimism.\
20.When patients perceive the analyst as symbolic of a significant person in their past, and then apply some of their feelings for that person to the analyst, it is known as\
22.Therapist authoritative instruction over session.
24.The behavioral treatment approaches assume that abnormal behavior is\

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