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Musical Links

Alondra Vergara-Diaz

The purpose of this puzzle is to learn about the historical background and artistic style of two songs from two different backgrounds in a fun way. Have fun!

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2.La Marseilleise is the first example of the "European march"_______style.
5.Hatikvah and La Marseilleise share the same harmony, their G Mayor key_____links the two songs together.
6.The______of Hatikvah follows a minor scale, which is often perceived as mournful in tone and is rarely encountered in national anthems
7.As the title of Hatikvah, "The Hope" and the words suggest, the import of the song is______and the overall spirit is uplifting.
10.On 25 April 1792, the mayor of Strasbourg requested his guest Rouget de Lisle______a song "that will rally our soldiers from all over to defend their homeland that is under threat", in turn he composed La Marseilleise
13.Text to Hatikvah later was_____by the settlers of Rishon LeZion
15.This______of La Marseilleise is approximately thirty-six seconds in duration
16.The French National Convention______La Marseilleise as the Republic's anthem in 1795
17.The Beatles hit single of 1967, "All You Need is Love", used the opening bars of "La Marseillaise" as an______.
22.In 2009, thrash metal______Metallica played their version of "La Marseillaise" as an intro to "Master Of Puppets"
23.The foundation of Hatikvah is from Naphtali Herz Imber’s nine-stanza______named Tikvatenu, meaning Our Hope in English
24.In La Marseilleise , the anthem's evocative melody and lyrics have led to its widespread use as a song of revolution and its incorporation into many pieces of classical and______music
26.Some observant Jews object to Hatikvah on the grounds that the anthem is too secular and lacks sufficient______emphasis, such as not mentioning God or the Torah.
27.Hatikvah is the official National______of Israel
30.La Marseilleise is the______Anthem of France
33.The_____of Hatikvah were adapted form a poem written by Naphtali Herz Imber, a Jewish poet from an Austro-Hungarian
34.Both songs share the same______, the common time tempo is resented throughout both pieces of work.
35.This version of the Hatikvah is just a little over forty_____long
36.In Hatikvah, the romantic anthem’s_____reflects the nearly 2000-year-old hope of the Jewish people to return to the Land of Israel, their ancient homeland and to restore it and reclaim it as a sovereign nation
1.In Peru and Chile, both the Partido Aprista Peruano and the Socialist Party of Chile wrote their own_______of "La Marseillaise" to be their anthems.
3.Franz Liszt wrote a piano______of the anthem.
4.The name of the song, La Marseilleise, is due to first being sung on the streets by volunteers from_______.
8.The English_____of Hatikvah is The Hope
9.Jimi_____, during a 1967 Paris concert, played a psychedelic version of La Marseilleise. The French government due to the perceived insult to national heritage immediately confiscated a video recording of the concert.
11.The text of Hatikvah was______in 1878
12.Former member of the Sonderkommando reports that Hatikvah was spontaneously______by Czech Jews in the entryway to the Auschwitz-Birkenau gas chamber in 1944
14.The________of the music for Hatikvah was done by Samuel Cohen in 1888.
18.When the State of Israel was established in 1948, Hatikvah was unofficially proclaimed the national anthem. However, it did not_______become the national anthem until November 2004, when it was sanctioned by the Knesset in an amendment to the Flag and Coat-of-Arms Law
19.La Marseilleise was written and_______by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in 1792
20."La Marseillaise" was arranged for______, chorus and orchestra by Hector Berlioz in about 1830
21.The Convention accepted La Marseilleise as the______national anthem in a decree passed on 14 July 1795, making it France's first anthem
25.During World War I, bandleader James Reese Europe______a jazz version of "La Marseillaise", which can be heard on Part 2 of the Ken Burns TV documentary "Jazz".
28.The________for Hatikvah derives from La Mantovana, a 17th-century Italian song, composed by Giuseppe Cenci
29.The_____translation of La Marseilleise is The Song of Marseille
31.Only the first_____(sometimes the sixth and seventh) and the first chorus of La Marseilleise are sung today in France. There are some slight historical variations in the lyrics of the song
32.Some Israelis have gone as far as appending the words "תשחקו בכדור" (play ball) at the end of the song, to______the United States practice of yelling "play ball" at Major League Baseball games following the singing of its national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner"

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