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American History

Lauryen Smith

you must finish in one day in order to get the prize

2                                               3
4                 5
  6       7        
9 10                              
11                               12               13    
14 15                          
16   17   18    
20         21          
22                                 23  
    24                             25

2.where the constitution is displayed (3 Words)
4.the vegetable that was introduced to america in 1787
6.a tax imposed by the British in 1765 (2 Words)
8.railroad commador (2 Words)
10.the youngest delegate (2 Words)
11.the oldest delegate (2 Words)
12.lead an important rebellion (2 Words)
15.first 10 amendments of the constitution (3 Words)
19.first president to own an automobile (3 Words)
21.capital of oregon
22.standard oil mogul (3 Words)
24.articles of this
26.this act prohibited american colonies from issuing their own currency (2 Words)
27.the month constitution day is celebrated
28.built carnegie hall (2 Words)
29.sparked the beginning of the american revolution (2 Words)
1.signed in the year of 1776 (3 Words)
3.100 years
5.first territory west of the great lakes
7.was misspelled above the constitution signers names
9.capital of alaska
13.the constitution has 27 of these
14.this act increased duties on non - British goods shipped to colonies (2 Words)
16.200 year anniversary
17.first governing document of plymouth (2 Words)
18.first person to do this crossword (2 Words)
20.the continent you live in (2 Words)
23.branch of government that enforces laws
24.capital of wyoming
25.10 years

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