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Mya Davis

The six classes of Nutrients

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6.The science or study of food and the ways in which the body uses food
10.Double sugar refined from sugar beets or sugar cane that we call table sugar; Found in candies and bake goods
13.The state of not having enough of a nutrient to maintain good health (2 Words)
14.Recommended nutrient intakes that will meet the needs of almost all healthy people (3 Words)
16.The simplest form of carbohydrates
18.A type of complex carbohydrates and is broken down by the body into sugars
19.A single sugar that is called fruit sugar, is sweeter than table sugar; found naturally in fruit and honey
20.Provides little energy and cannot be digested by humans
1.A set of diet and lifestyle recommendations developed to improve health and reduce nutrition related disease risk in the U.S. population (4 Words)
2.A double sugar made by animals that is also called milk sugar; also found in dairy products
3.One of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the world (3 Words)
4.Recommended daily amount of a nutrient; used on food labels to help people see how a food fits into their diet (2 Words)
5.A class energy giving nutrients that includes sugars, starches, and fiber
7.A food guidance system that encourages healthy food choices and daily activity
8.A substance in food that provides energy or helpd form body tissues and that is necessary for life and growth
9.A class of nutrients that are chemical elements that are needed for certain body processes, such as enzyme activity and bone formation
11.A single sugar that circulates in the blood; Most inportant sugar in the body because it provides energy to the bodys cells; usually found as a part of the double sugar sucrose or in starch
12.A class of nutrients that contain carbon and are needed in small amounts to maintain health and allow growth
15.A class of energy giving nutrients,; also the main form of energy storage in the body
17.A class of energy giving nutrients, that are made up of amino acids, which are needed to build and repair body structures and to regulate processes in the body

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