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AC Common Terms

Kevin A. McGowan

Electromagnetism, Induced Voltage, & Other Common Terms Used in AC.

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3.Color of the "hot" wire in 120 VAC outlet in America.
5.One-half of an AC cycle.
6.Device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy.
8.Device that measures voltage over a period of time.
10.Ability of a material to become magetized.
11.The _____ generator on your kit can produce sine, sawtooth, or square waves.
13.Ballpark Vp value of an AC waveform with RMS value of 10.6 V.
14.A meter with a pointer, needle, or gauge.
15.Used to step-up or step-down AC voltages.
18.Time it takes for an AC waveform to complete one cycle (egg).
20.Opposition to magnetic lines of force; similar to resistance in electricity.
21.The 1st step in troubleshooting any circuit is a _____ inspection.
23.Unit of frequency expressed in cycles per second.
24.A ____-prong plug is used on AC appliances to provide user safety.
25.Electro-mechanical or electromagnetic switch.
1.Surrounds a current-carrying wire.
2.Caused by a wire moving through a magnetic field, "creating" a voltage in the wire.
4.Increasing the _____ flow through a coil increases the magnetic field.
7.Relay with a plunger to open or close a valve.
9.Device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.
12.The DC equivalent of an AC voltage; what a DMM reads.
16.Another name for an AC generator.
17.Meter that measures the strength of a magnetic field w/o touching the circuit.
19.Ballpark RMS value of an 11.31 Vp AC waveform.
22.Ballpark frequency in hertz of an AC waveform with a period of 16.66 mS.

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