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1960's Rock and Roll

BHS Fine Arts Seminar

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4.________________________ was in upstate New York and was one of the largest musical events in history.
5.Janis _______________ was a raspy rock blues vocalist.
6.This 1960's guitarist was very provocative and sometimes innappropriate on stage.
8.Paul ____________________ was one of the main writers for the Beatles.
10.Grace Slick sang for The ____________________ Airplane.
12.Many songs of the 1960's were ____________________ charged.
14.Chubby_________________ was part of the Dance Craze.
16.In 2013, this group received a lifetime achievement award at the Grammy's.
17.Psychedelic ____________ were very popular in the 1960's.
19.Good__________________ was a top hit of the 1960's
23.Some messages in popular music were in effort to counter balance ____________.
24._________________ was a popular soul/black label from the 1960's
25.The Grateful _____________ was a California based band.
26.The Beatles main drummer.
1.John Lennon's wife, ___________, was part of why the Beatle's broke up.
2.The _____________________ ________________ were another very popular band from England.
3.Many young people turned into ___________________.
6.Bob Dylan sometimes played a ____________________ in his songs.
7.Jim Morrison was the lead singer for the ______________.
9.This Liverpool based band was one of the most popular bands in pop history
11.The birthplace of surf rock.
13.The Beatles hit, ___________________, has been covered more times than any other tune in history.
15.Brian ___________________ worked as the Beatles manager.
18.Mick_________________ performed with the Stones.
20.The ______________ Boys made surf rock popular.
21.A rock and roll style made popular by Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan etc
22.Free ___________ was another social trend of the 1960's.

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