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Cross Words


A fun crossword puzzle based on George R.R. Marti's world in A Song of Ice and Fire

1 2
3   4         5
6 7                
8             9   10
    11             12              
14             15         16         17
18     19                  
20           21      
      22         23        
24         25     26          
  27             28    
29       30             31  
  32         33      
34                 35            
37       38     39      
40     41   42 43            
  45     46 47       48      

4.Flower Knight
7.Penny Jenny hangout.
8.Longclaw's has been capped with a wolf's head.
11.Unelected ruler
12.Jon, Joffrey & Gendry.
14.Maesters' origin.
15.What to say to Death?
19.The First Keep's location.
20.All the good houses have one.
22.Robert's weapon of choice.
24.Across the Narrow Sea
25.Targaryen wedding gift.
27.You might be one if you live north of the Wall.
29.You might stick Needle into one.
32.It ended Robert's reign.
34.Arrow repeller
35.Protective wall
36.Knight stick?
38.Colored stronghold?
40.Robert's first hand.
42.Catelyn and Lysa for one.
45.Dothraki and Summer for example.
47.Needle owner
48.King's Landing to Lannisport.
1.A.k.a. Sandor Clegane
2.Bran's transportation?
3.Dany's children?
5.pub missle
6.Ned's sixth child.
9.Unmarried. Like Sansa maybe.
10.Frey's river.
13.Lord of Dragonstone
16.Urgent canine sigil.
17.Desireable for blades.
21.It's required of vassals.
23.Castle security system
26.Ice for one
28.Sometimes studded drinking vessel.
30.Second son of Tywin.
31.Westeros's queen mum.
32.Archer's need this.
33.Gethin Anthony
37.Youngest King's Guard
39.Renly, Robb et al.
41.Night's Watch recruiter.
43.Take over?
44.Doesn't go before the horse.
46.Not quite a knighthood from Lizzy.
48.Red or white?

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