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1.What should never be filled more than half full and sealed with tape (2 Words)
5.If gloves become torn, lose or punctured the should be.
6.No procedures are performed that might produce what
11.Who do laboratory support services call for waste disposal (2 Words)
14.All containers well be well-constructed with a secure lid to prevent
16.Must have a closedheel and toe for safety purposes
18.Needles and syringes should be used with what
19.Laboratory work areas should be made of materials that are easily to be
1.Specimens submitted to the Department must be labeled.
2.All laboratory workers wear with a closed front that is buttoned
3.Who baseline tuberculin (PPD) skin testing (3 Words)
4.What disinfectants clinical laboratories use routinely
7.What section does not culture specimens for mycobacteriom tuberculosis
8.When contact with blood or other body fluids your skin surfaces must be washed
9.What equiptment in labortatory support needs a routine disinfecting check
10.Many of the activities in histology and the autopsy suite are what high risk
12.What is not regulated hazardous waste and are poured down the sink followed by water
13.When removing the stoppers from sample test tubes gently
15.What report must be completed and signed by a supervisor or department leader
17.Leading into biohazard areas will be markedwith the biohazard insignia

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