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Terms from Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Emerson Bielen

Crossword puzzle to help students with some of the general terms taught in a Research Methods class for criminal justice majors.

1 2
6             7      
  9       10                       11
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    22               23
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  26                             27   28

4.Group of subjects exposed to an experimental stimulus
6.The words or symbols in language that we use to represent mental images
9.That quality of a measurement device that tends to result in a misrepresentation of what is being measured
10.Type of reasoning that certain factors make outcomes more or less likely to happen
12.Subset of a population selected according to one or more criteria
15.An expectation about the nature of things derived from a theory
17.A technique for randomly assigning experimental subjects to experimental or control groups
19.Conforming to norms and standards embraced by a group
21.Researchers know the identity of a research subject but promise not to reveal information that can linked to an individual subject
22.Determines whether statements about cause and effect are true or false
26.Level of measurement that describes a variable whose attributes may be rank ordered along a dimension
29.Groups of units - people, prisons, courtrooms etc...
30.A person who provides data for analysis
31.A measure of sampling error
1.Erroneously drawing conclusions about individuals based solely on the observations of groups
2.All people, things, or other elements we wish to represent
3.Characteristics of persons or things
5.The identity of a research subject is not known and not possible to link subject to name
7.Classifying observations in terms of their attributes
8.Distribution of values around a central value or average
11.Group of subjects to whom no experimental stimulus is administered
13.A document that contains items designed to solicit information appropriate to analysis
14.Consistency of measurement
16.Variable whose attributes have only the characteristics of exhaustiveness and mutual exclusiveness
18.The groupings of the units composing a population into homogeneous groups before sampling
20.Study of methods used to understand something
23.Logical groupings of attributes
24.Systematic explanation for the observed facts and laws that relate to a particular aspect of life
25.A measure of dispersion, the distance that separates the highest and lowest values of a variable in a set of observations
27.Method for collecting data by applying standard instrument in a systematic way to take measures from a large number of units
28.Suggests typical or normal

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