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Terminology 4 and 5

  2             3
  5         6                  
8                             9  
    10 11                
  12 13 14                      
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    19           20     21
    22     23         24                  
        30           31    
  33             34            
37         38                

2.when skin sticks to the surface and muscles slide in the direction the body is moving
5.the prolonged retention and the accumulation of feces in the rectum (2 Words)
7.process of urination
8.the amount of heat in the body that is the balanced between the amounts produced and the amount lost by the body (2 Words)
11.cleanings of the genital and anal areas
13.breathing fluid or an object into the lungs
15.painful or difficult urination
16.tube used to drain or inject fluid through the body opening
17.inability to control bladder functions (2 Words)
18.voiding, process of emptying urine from the bladder
19.gas or air in the stomach passed through the anus
23.swelling of the body tissue with water
24.used to transfer a resident also known as a gait belt (2 Words)
25.frequent passage of the liquid stools
27.the foot of the bed is lowerd and the head is raised (2 Words)
29.the back lying or dorsal recumbent position (2 Words)
30.small sheet place in the middle of the bed used for lifting and to keep linens clean (2 Words)
32.difficulty or discomfort swallowing
33.the cleansing of the genital areas and anal areas (2 Words)
35.the passage of hard dry stool
36.and artificall opening between the ileum and adominal wall.
37.surgically created opening in the stomach
39.a cone shaped solid medication that is inserted through a body opening melts at body temperature
1.tube feeding
3.a calibrated container used to measure fluids
4.a tube inserted through the nose and into the stomach (2 Words)
6.Admission of fluids into the vein (2 Words)
9.blood in urine
10.excreted feces
12.the head of the bed is lowered and the foot of the bed is raised
14.head of bed is elevated 45 degrees and the knee is raised 15 degrees (2 Words)
20.the excess loss of water from the tissues
21.lice infestation
22.body's acetones
26.the amount of force excreated agianst the walls of an artery by the body (2 Words)
28.a substance that is indegested, digested, absorbed, and used by the body
31.the introduction of fluid into the rectum and lower colon
34.artificial opening between the colon and the abdominal wall
38.the surgical creation of an artifical opening
39.the semi-solid mass of waste products in the colon

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