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1st Term MTP Final Review

Dana Pellegrini

Review of basic concepts of 1st term Massage Theory and Practice

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2.toward the extremites
4.face up on the massage table
6.greek physician to gladiators who wrote anatomy books & discovered scientific method
7.this type of ROM is an assessment tool to show the client's ROM limitations where the client moves their own body freely
10.the study of disease
11.an area where the fascia is adhered to nearby tissues or has been crumpled or kinked
14.created Swedish Gymnastics movement system
16.client remains relaxed as the therapist moves their joints around in space
18.non-plural abbreviation for the source of functional limitations
19.secondary effects of massage
21.can be local, modified or total and determines whether massage is optimal
22.important to overall health and used to regenerate energy-minimum 8 hours
23.this sensory organ is located at the musculotendinous junction and sends a signal to the brain when there is too much tension on a joint.
25.commonly accepted set of guidelines or principles of conduct that govern professional conduct
27.gliding stoke used to apply and spread lubricant and prepare for deeper work
29.name for massage pillow used under knees or ankles
31.this doctor founded the Touch Research Institute and proved massage's efficacy on premature infants, asthma, fibromyalgia and more
34.Brought Swedish Movement Cure to America around 1850
35.promote practitioner longevity, if poor, will result in sore muscles
36.this variation of petrissage often begins a session and is done without lubricant
37.this theory explains why temperature, pressure, touch and vibration moves pain to the background
39.river that did not support an ancient river valley civilization
41.stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan
44.theory of Hippocrates (father of modern medicine) that describes rubbing toward the heart to increase circulation
48.this site contains areas that could cause potential harm to a client
50.this type of friction quickly heats up an area with brisk movement
51.this type of friction breaks up scar tissue
52.laterally recumbent position, great for pregnant women
54.latin name for the author of the Canon of Medicine
55.abbreviation for these goals that are approximately 30-60 days out
56.type of ROM where the client and therapist work in opposition to increase strength of the client
57.represents the end of a joint's range of motion and can be either soft or hard
58.face down on the massage table
1.Where a client projects unresolved issues in another relationship onto a massage therapist.
3.these types of questions serve to find specific answers
5.when personal and professional relationships overlap
8.this information (versus verbal) helps therapists understand clients’ reactions to the condition of their body or soft tissues
9.ancient chinese text that recommended controlled breathing, medicinal use of plants and a system of exercises
12.this is the word for mutual trust in a therapeutic relationship
13.this type of contraction has a concentric and eccentric phase
14.this section of the SOAP chart contains self-care and treatment recommendations as well as future treatment techniques
15.a client's agreement to receive treatment after understanding the risks and benefits of the activity.
17.the plane that divides the body into equal left and right halves
20.Where a therapist projects unresolved issues in another relationship onto the client
24.pharmacological materials that a client ingests. Massage affects their use in the body
26.this stroke signals the end or closure of a body part that is being massaged
28.this stroke should be done lightly and sparingly on the kidneys for those who desire to be stimulated
30.abbreviation for these goals that are approximately 1-2 weeks out
32.rhythmic tapping stroke done with loose hands and wrists
33.dutch doctor that popularized french terminology for massage strokes
38.primary effects of massage
40.country where the Society of Trained Masseuses formed their association
42.these types of questions promote a broader conversation
43.kneading stroke
45.this variation of vibration can begin a massage and give clues about the amount of tension in the overall body
46.drinking water is important to keeping your tissues healthy and _______
47.variation of the vibration stroke that stimulates increases synovial activity
49.therapists need to ________ the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of their lives
50.name for massage belt that holds lotion, oil or cream handy when doing massage
53.analyzing this gives clues about how a person walks and where their pain or compensation is

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