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Othello Crossword Puzzle

Shaneill Gordon

2   3           4  
6               7          
12   13   14      
  15 16                    
19           20            

2.The subservient character, who's love for Desdemona makes him follow and listen to Iago
6.The source of Iago's hatred toward Othello, also the main theme of the play
7.A courtesan, whose in love with Cassio
8.One of Othello's flaws is having overbearing pride, which is also know as _________
10.At the end of Act I Scene 3 Iago is speaking his thoughts out loud, which is also known as a ________
11.A Venetian senator and Desdemona's father
13.Othello leaves Venice to go to Cyprus to fight who?
16.The author of Othello
17.The valiant moor and general of the armies of Venice
18.Cassio weakness which Iago takes advantage of to get him into a fight with Roderigo
19.Setting where Act I takes place
20.Othello says Desdemona fell in love with him for his _______
21.The foil character to Desdemona
1.The first actor to play Othello (2 Words)
3.Daughter of Brabantio and wife of Othello
4.Throughout the play Iago is referred to as
5.The newest lieutenant of the armies of Venice whose also a arithmetician
9.Brabantio accuses Othello of _________ Desdemona into marrying him
12.The malcontent character, whos planning his revenge
14.After the fight between Cassio and Roderigo, Cassio was only concerned about this one thing
15.What city is Cassio originally from?

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