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Final Chapter of Stone Cold vocabulary

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2.Short for 'comfortable' (p. 116)
4.Past tense of an unusual verb which means 'walk' (p.118)
7.An expression which Link used which means - "I started to run" - ´I made a ______´ (p.126)
8.An adjective which means drops of water are falling from something (p. 120)
9.A spirit or phantom which comes back to haunt houses or people (p. 132)
10.An eadjective which means 'relaxing' or which stops you from worrying (p.119)
14.'Shoes' which you only wear inside the house (p. 122)
16.A synonym for ´leave´- Gail ______ Link's life. (p. 131)
17.Shouting (p. 129)
1.When the door is not really open but not completely closed, it is ________ (p.121)
2.The state of being awake and aware of your surroundings (p. 128)
3.People have hair, cats have ______ (p. 123)
5.Another word for 'darkness' - lack of light (p.127)
6.Laughed in a jolly, cheerful way (p. 124)
7.The time of day when it starts to get dark (p.115)
11.A supposedly unoccupied place where people live illegally (p.114)
12.An informal way of saying 'think' (p.117)
13.You wear this over the front of your clothes when you're cooking (perhaps) (p.125)
15.The opposite of nodding - Gail was ____________ her head (p. 130)

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