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Microsoft Word Revision

Ms Gauci

Revision of Ms Word 2007

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4.To underline characters
7.text is text that is slightly lower than other text on a line
8.The Align ___________ button aligns each line of the paragraph with the left margi
9.By clicking this button you can reverse actions.
10.¶ This symbol represents a ___________________
13.The __________ button in the Page Layout tab allows you to specify if the paper is A4, A5, letter etc...
14.To delete text we use the delete button or the ___________ button
17.To slant the characters to the right
18.To make the characters look darker
1.The Insert Above or Insert Below buttons allow you to add new ________ in a table
2._________ _____________Toolbar contains the Save, Undo and Repeat buttons. Wherever you go in MS Word, you still see this toolbar
3.→ This symbol represents a ______________
5.To close Microsoft Word, click the File tab, then click _____
6.The page orientation can be set to portrait or _______
11.The ______ is the area that spans the top of MS Word screen. Has three basic components: tabs, groups and commands
12.When using views, the ________ layout view displays a document on the screen the way it will look when printed.
15.To find text: Click Home tab, click the arrow next to Find. Then click ___________ Find…. The Find and Replace dialog box is displayed.
16.To move text we use the ________ and paste function

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