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Genetic Engineering v2

Biology: Nusz

1       2          
  3 4
5                                 6
9 10 11                              
    12     13        
  14                     15    
16                   17              

1.The condition when an organism has more than the usual number of copies of its chromosomes.
5.The technique that biologists use to separate DNA strands by using a voltage to drive the strands through a porous material.
8.The location on a DNA strand where it is cut by number 9.
11.The crossing of dissimilar individuals to bring together the best of both organisms.
12.A member of a population of genetically identical cells produced from a single cell.
14.Any change in the DNA of an organism.
16.The process of reading DNA and creating a complementary mRNA strand.
19.Selecting organisms with desired characteristics to produce the next generation.
20.The process by which biologists purposely manipulate the DNA an organism.
21.The continued breeding of individuals with similar characteristics.
22.A small, circular DNA molecule.
2.The technique that biologists use to make several copies of a target strand of DNA.
3.The name of the first cloned sheep.
4.Proteins that cut DNA sequences at specific sequences.
6.The process of determining the order of the bases in a DNA strand.
7.A gene that makes it possible to identify cells that have taken up desired genes.
9.The process where a cell takes in DNA from a different organism.
10.DNA that is produced by combining DNA from two different sources.
13.The building blocks of nucleic acids.
15.The building blocks of proteins.
17.The process of reading an mRNA strand and building the corresponding protein.
18.An organism that contains genes from another species.

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