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Easter Surprises

Stefanie Vance

How much do you know about the Easter Season?

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1.Anyone who is baptized becomes one
4.the holy night of Baptism for anyone over the age of 7
5.Jesus blessed this, saying, "This is My Body, broken for you."
6.The number of Sacred Wounds on the body of Jesus
8.Told the women that Jesus had risen from the dead
9.The apostle who needed proof that Jesus had risen from the dead
12.On the cross, Jesus did this to all who had hurt or abandoned Him
14.The number of days for the feast of the Easter Octave
15.The apostle to whom the Blessed Mother Mary was given by Jesus
16.The number of Apostles that were together on Easter night
18.Was in the tomb for three days before He rose
19.Jesus died for our sins because He felt this way about us
1.An perfumed oil used to anoint the head of those who are confirmed
2.Wanted to anoint the dead body of her Teacher
3.What we believe by faith that cannot be explained by logic or reason
7.Jesus walked there with two disciples who did not recognize Him
10.When we turn away from God's loving commands and do something we should not do
11.Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in unity are called this
12.The name chosen by our 266th pope
13.The leader of the apostles and our first 'papa' of the Catholic Church
17.What God gives to all who ask forgiveness

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