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Earth Science Cross World

(Alex) GoEun Choi

1 2 3 4 5
9         10     11            
  13             14          
15 16                          
17   18               19
    20     21          
  24   25        
26                 27                  
28                   29      

6.number one gas
7.teruption of volcano is based on volatile content and _____
8.metamorphic rock is a result of alternative of pre-existing rock without____
9.person of continental drift
11.observative study of earth
13.determined by growth rate and impurities
16.2.5 billion years ago
17.crust formed by decompressing melt
21.which mineral forms crust
22.wonderful water ocean and hot/convecting mantle
26.simplest mineral formula that has a specific identity
27.25 million years ago, thermal isolation
28.rock formed by crystalization from magma
29.crosscuts local layering of host rock (shallow intrusive)
30.From haddean earth, which one melted first
1.mineral that makes up most of the earth crust
2.compositional boundary between crust and mantle
3.rock made from phsycia chemical breakdown
4.decompress melting cause quaisolid mantle to ___
5.number one element of crust by volume
8.protective force field
10.source of life
12.process of how magma become igneous rock
14.upper mantle and crust
15.composed of nickel and iron
18.igneous rock that coole d quickly because it interacts with water and air
19.stress resulted in doefrmation
20.dynamics of deformation
23.heat engine, reservoir of primitive rock
24.origin of solar system and earth planet
25.NaCl has specific chemical order naturally tends to organize itself into cube

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