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fiber optics

David Collard

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4.in the OFC cable rating, OFC stand for (Optical fiber -----)
6.cladding, (-----) and conducits provides impact protection on fiber optic cable
8.receiver (-----) is the term used to describe the weakest signal that a receiver can detect
9.one way bandwidth of digital fiber systems can be limited is by (-----) rise time
11.fiber cable made for under-water use are called (----- cable)
12.polishing is mainly used for (------) the surface on fiber connectors
15.what is the inner most component of optical fiber
17.the 2 types of LEDs used in fiber optics are (----) emitting and side emitting LEDs
18.Dark Current is (-----) bias current that flows in the detector circuit when no light is present
19.the valence shell of a atom is critical to electronics because the shell determines the --- of an atom
21.the portion of the spectrum where fiber optic transmission wavelengths are contained is the
22.what is the term that refers to the distance light travels in the fiber during the time it takes to complete one cycle
25.in the cable rating OFNR & OFCR, the R stands for (---- rated)
26.bending of light rays as they move through the intersection of two medium is called
29.the fundamental unit of a light and other electromagnetic energy is called a
30.fiber cable designed for use inside buildings must meet NEC article 770 requirements for (----- & smoke retardant)
31.(--------) is not a standard fiber connector
1.bundles of light rays, of the same wavelength, that enter a fiber at the same angle is called a
2.in the cable rating OFN-LS, the S of the LS stands for
3.what is the standard color for 8.3/125 um fiber corage
5.fiber cable that is indoor, tight-buffered and non-brakeout style is called (--- cable)
7.what is the component that surrounds the core of a optical fiber
10.light rays bounce off the surface of a medium without going through the material, it is called
13.when a atom has eight valence electrons the valence is said to be and the atom is a good
14.in the cable rating OFNG and OFCG, the G stands for (----- Purpose)
16.when a atom has only one electron in its valence it is said to be a nearly perfect
20.class 1 lasers is a very low-power laser considered being (------) safe
23.(----- buffer) is not a buffer type available for fiber cable
24.class 4 lasers have a very high-power laser that can cause (-----) eye damage
27.spectral response of a photo diode is a measure of the device's response to a change in (-----) wavelength
28.all standard fiber connections are male gender and are physical contact type, meaning the cores (---) when properly connected

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