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Dr. Reimer

This puzzle compliments Chater Eight Vocabulary

1                           2      
  3 4 5                   6
7 8       9                
    14   15              
17                                           18

1.brief auditory or visual messages that are presented below the absolute threshold (2 Words)
5.the principle that any change in a stimulus to be detected a constant proportion of that stimulus must be added or subtracted (2 Words)
9.perceptions that misrepresent physical stimuli
12.the nerve that carries impulses from the retina to the brain (2 Words)
13.apparent movement of stationary objects relative to one another that occurs when the observer changes position (2 Words)
15.the innermost coating of the back of the eye, containing the light-sensitive receptor cells
17.the ability to gain information by some means other than ordinary senses (2 Words)
19.the sense of movement and body motion
20.the nerve that carries impulses from the inner ear to the brain, resulting in the perception of sound (2 Words)
21.what occurs when a stimulus activates a receptor
22.the tendency to perceive certain objects in the same way regardless of the changing angle, distance, or lighting
1.the study of people's tendencies to make correct judgments in detecting the presence of stimuli (2 Words)
2.the weakest amount of a stimulus that a person can detect half the time (2 Words)
3.the smallest change in a physical stimulus that can be detected half the time (2 Words)
4.the nerve that carries smell impulses from the nose to the Brain (2 Words)
6.the experience that comes from organizing bits and pieces of information into meaningful wholes
7.three semicircular canals that provide the sense of balance located in the inner ear and connected to the brain by a nerve (2 Words)
8.the difference between the images stimulating each eye (2 Words)
10.the opening in the iris that regulates the amount of light entering the eye
11.the organization of sensory information into meaningful experiences
14.the process of combining the images received from the two eyes into a single, fused image (2 Words)
16.the study of the relationships between sensory experiences and the physical stimuli that cause them
18.flexible, elastic, transparent structure in the eye that changes shape to focus light on the retina

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