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Capitulo 5

Kristen Martinez

This puzzle is a review of most of the Ch. 5 concepts in the Expresate! Spanish II textbook. There are NO spaces between words and all words in the puzzle are in Spanish.

1         2
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4.Melissa no _______ comprar los zapatos porque no trajo dinero.
5.To collect posters, stamps, and ______
8.Karate, tae kwan doe, ju jitsu (2 Words)
11.Yo no traje mi libro y por eso no ______ leer.
14.Possessive Pronouns: pantalones (mine and yours) (2 Words)
16.Reflexive Pronouns: ______ despertamos a las seis.
19.One wears glasses or these to see better (3 Words)
21.It's what you're working on right now
22.Clothing for rainy weather
25.Possessive Pronouns: manzana (his) (2 Words)
26.One does this to clean himself/herself in the evening or morning
27.Reflexive Pronouns: ______ cepillo el pelo despues de ducharme.
2.To learn to play guitar, you should take these (3 Words)
3.Possessive Pronouns: zapatos (yours) (2 Words)
6.to play UNO, Spaids, Go Fish
9.Reflexive Pronouns: ______ maquillas a las siete de la manana.
10.Reflexive Pronouns: Ella ______ lava la cara en la manana.
12.Tu no pudiste ir al cine porque no ______ tu boleto.
13.Possessive Pronouns: carro (their) (2 Words)
15.Buy, sell, or ______
17.Girls put this on their labios (2 Words)
18.Literally means "stop waters"
20.Los muchachos no pudieron tomar el exam porque no ______ lapices.
23.Possessive Pronouns: perro (mine) (2 Words)
24.One needs this to open a locked door

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