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Personal Health Care

Ms. Brown

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2.allow us to see in dim light
4.a part set off from the whole
7.is transparent and helps refine the focus of images on the retina
12.protect your fingers and toes
13.make your skin waterproof
15.warns that oral piercing can damage your mouth and teeth
16.channels sound waves into the external auditory canal
18.can lead to skin cancer
20.help us to see color
22.supports the tooth and holds it in place
23.made up of water, salts, and mucus
26.protects the skin from drying out and keeps hair soft and shiny
28.single thick layer composed of connective tissue
30.is a "bad bite" and can be caused by crowded or extra teeth
31.outer layer of the skin
35.the hole in the eye through which light reaches the inner eye
36.attributes to healthy hair
37.the colored portion of the eye
38.blurred vision
40.swollen and irritated gums
43.bad breath
46.eye consists of
49.keeps skin and hair from drying out
51.largest organ on the human body
52.form when sacs or cavities that surround the roots of hairs become infected
53.deficiency could result in night blindness
54.to get rid of
1.a spiral shaped canal in the inner ear
3.brushing and flossing teeth
5.finger nails contain this with the dead cells
6.reduces the amount of heat lost through the skin of the scalp
8.eyes off-center
9.secretes tears into the eye ducts
10.visible portion of the tooth protected with enamel
11.one place hair doesn't grow
14.the white part of the eye
17.melanoma checklist
21.an inflamed or scaly patch of skin
24.can affect a person's speech and chewing ability
25.single thick layer composed of connective tissue
27.the area between the cornea and the lens
29.contributes to the shape and hardness of a tooth
32.a pigment that gives the skin, hair, and iris of the eye their color
33.used to cool the skin
34.cushions each eyeball inside the socket
39.cloudy, impaired vision
41.ringing in the ear
42.happens when the enamel is destroyed and bacteria penetrate the tooth
44.tiny parasitic insects that live in the scalp hair of humans
45.occurs when plaque builds up, acids break down the tooth enamel
47.patches of skin lose melanin
48.one of the causes of halitosis

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