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Album Covers

Dan Gordon

1 2 3
  4           5            
  6       7             8 9
10   11         12         13            
14           15             16   17  
  18 19      
  20     21                    
22 23                  
  25   26       27       28        
29               30                
    31     32       33
  34   35                      
36 37             38 39       40    
42                 43  
46     47    

4.Beastie Boys logo on the tail of a...
5.Green Day heart-shaped
6.bare feet on Abbey Road
7.Van Halen angel baby shouldn't be....
10.Who fights the pink robots?
12.Bjork's hands together
13.Power, Corruption and Lies cover
14.Velvet Underground fruit
15.vehicle on Janis Joplin's greatest hits
21.animal collective jam fruit
23.gloved hand on a naked ass
24.Sleigh Bells album Treats cover
26.Bloc Party cover features colored.....
28.Chicago's Marina City apartment towers
29.Transformer cover Lou Reed is holding a....
30.Massive attack with incect
32.London Calling cover borrows from....
35.Led Zeppelin cover airship
37.object on the cover of Daydream Nation
39.Early copies of Sticky Fingers feature a real....
41.Stanley Donwood designs covers for....
42.Frank Ocean album color
44."Whipped Cream and other...."
45.Alien artist that created Brain Salad Surgery
46.White Stripes covers have only red, white and....
48.Wavy blue and red line behind Elliot....
1.Divine Fits album cover fruit
2.Pink Floyd bricks
3.Alice in Chains dog with three....
4.Upcoming Phoenix album fruit
5.coming out of Sanigold's mouth
8.Atom Heart Mother animal
9.Coldplay globe
11.Arcade Fire convertible
16.fridge, vaccum and lamp cover for The....
17.DJ shadow vinyl digging
18.Antlers - one hand reaches for another
19.The lines on Joy Division cover represent a...
20.Nirvana baby reaching for....
22.Stone Roses fruit slices
25.Thriller animal on MJ's leg
27.makeup on Aladin Sane
28.4 figures aginst an all-blue background
31.Shins - Oh ________ World
33.According to the Louvin Brothers, this is real
34.Doolittle cover animal
36.Silverchair cover animal
38.Frank Zappa cover shaving with a....
40.Iron Maiden cover model
43.Pink Floyd light spectrum
47.Best Coast debut album cover animal

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