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Lightning Thief Vocab Ch 1-3

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1.A sharp tool similar to scissors that is used in gardening to trim hedges
5.I _____ my brain for a good idea, but it just wouldn’t come.
9.To recognize the death of someone you were close with deep sadness
10.The boy tried to _____ his sister into crying by teasing her
11.Boiling water will cause it to _____ (a.k.a. evaporate)
12.The _____ officer met up with the inmate who was out on parole
13.Being well informed is the opposite of _____
14.The winter _____ begins the winter season around December 22nd
19.Spread around by scattering; Litter was _____ across the roadside
20.To be in a foul mood; grumpy or irritated
22.A creature with the head of a man and the body of a lion (Think Egypt!)
23.A grave marker
24.Timber or logs
2.To smell terribly; having an offensive odor (past tense)
3.The fire alarm rang and the class made a _____, straight for the door
4.Hulk tried to _____ his enemy with a single punch
6.An upset stomach may lead you to _____ your meal
7.Most kids _____ going to the dentist
8.A person who steals on impulse, even though they don’t need to
9.The idea that kissing a frog will give you warts is an example of a _____
15.A word used to describe someone or something that is unusually thin
16.To be partly open
17.A mythological being that is often the child of god and a human
18.The woman _____ her lips when she was upset
21.A synonym for undying

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