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2.A managed process is executed in accordance with a _________.
6.A __________ is associated with capability level 2 and maturity level 2.
7.Accountability for performing a process requires clearly defined roles and __________.
9.__________ include adequate funding, appropriate physical facilities, skilled people, appropriate tools, etc.
12.Placing work products under appropriate levels of control is most closely associated with the __________ management process area.
13.A __________ process is a managed process that is tailored from the organization's set of standard processes.
14.Work products should be placed under the ___________ level of control.
17.To evaluate a process __________ is to review activities and work products against criteria that minimize subjectivity and bias by the reviewer.
18.A managed process should be monitored and __________ on a day-to-day basis to ensure that appropriate corrective action is taken when necessary.
1.The objective of planning stakeholder involvement is to ensure that __________ necessary to the process are accomplished.
2.A __________ process accomplishes the work necessary to satisfy the specific goals of a process area.
3.A defined process should include guidelines for __________ standard processes to meet the needs of each project or organizational function.
4.The purpose of generic practice is to provide higher level management with appropriate __________ into the process.
5.The ingrained way of doing business that an organization follows routinely as part of its corporate culture.
8.___________ supports the successful execution of a process by establishing a common understanding of the process and by imparting the skills and knowledge needed to perform the process.
10.Process related __________ include work products, measures, measurement results, lessons learned, and process improvement suggestions.
11.A group or individual that is affected by or is in some way accountable for the outcome of an undertaking.
15.A guiding principle typically established by senior management that is adopted by an organization to influence and determine decisions.
16.An objective examination of a work product or a set of work products against specific criteria.

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