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The Federal Debate

Atkinson Museum

Find words related to the debate on the U.S. Constitution and its ratification.

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1.What was required of each state to approve the Constitution.
3.Writings appeared in these to inform the citizens about the Consitution.
6.The separation of these refers primarily to their division among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.
8.The process required by each state to approve the proposed Constitution.
9.Boston lawyer and founding father who believed in a strong Federal Government.
11.First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and strong Federalist.
12.The introduction to the Constitution which begins, "We the People."
16.Artiicles or papers written in newspapers for the Constitution's ratification. (Two words).
18.Father of our banking system and a strong Federalist.
19.The Antifederalist were afraid of individuals losing these if a large central government were permitted.
20.The penname adopted by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, authors of the Federalist papers
21.This state served as the model for explicit protection of individual rights that could not be intruded upon by government.
22.Famous speaker against tyrants and leader of the Virginia opposition to the Constitution.
2.Name for the group of people against ratifying the Constitution but for a stronger state government.
4.The Antifederalists feared that an aristocracy would emerge from this government body, taking more than its share of power.
5.How the ideas were presented of those for and against the Consitution.
7.Name for the division of the legislature into a house of representatives and a senate.
10.A person for the Constitution and a strong central government.
11.Future President who thought the power of the people was weakened by a strong central goverment.
13.Our government's rules and rights for the citizens of the United States.
14.Father of our courntry who believed in a strong Federal Government.
15.Letters of the Federal Fann was probably the pen name for the Antifederalist Virginian Richard Henry _______?
17.Future President of our country and main writer of our Constitution.

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