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Reading Terms


5th Grade reading terms

1 2
3                 4
  9   10            
    11 12                 13
  16       17    
18                   19  

3.a letter or letters added to the beginning of a word that changes the meaning
6.words that mean the opposite
8.words that mean almost the same thing
10.a letter or letters added to the end of a root word that changes the meaning
12.the people or animals in a story
14.a big change in the story (when the problem ends and the solution begins)
15.the beginning sound is the same for most of the words in the sentence
16.where and when the story takes place
18.words spelled the same backwards and forward
20.repeating a line several times in a passage
21.what happens in the story
1.comparing two things saying one thing is another without using like or as
2.something nonhuman takes on a human trait
4.words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings
5.the most interesting part of the story (It makes you want to keep reading to find out what happens.)
7.the problem in the story
9.exaggeration ex: His feet were as big as a barge.
11.sounds or noises ex: pop or crash
13.how the problem in the story is solved
17.saying one thing but meaning something else
19.compare two things using like or as

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