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Underground Railroad

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3.former slave whose lectures and autobiography helped change minds about slavery (2 Words)
6.religious group who were early adopters of abolitionism
8.Confederate capital city
9.former slave who led Underground Railroad efforts in Philadelphia (2 Words)
10.female conductor on the Underground Railroad who helped 300 escape (2 Words)
12.town in Ohio where the college was very vocal about abolitionism
13.place offering runaways a chance to rest in safety
14.location many runaway slaves in the North were headed
16.16th president of the United States
18.What Henry Borwn shipped himself in to escape slavery
19.right of every person
20.continent of origin for most slaves
21.year all slaves were freed by the 13th Amendment (3 Words)
22.network of people who helped runaway slaves escape (2 Words)
1.war between two separate groups in the same country (2 Words)
2.local family in Sheffield associated with the Underground Railroad
4.Presidental order that freed the slaves in the rebellious Soouthern States in 1863 (2 Words)
5.year first African slaves brought to North America (2 Words)
7.person who believed in bringing an end to slavery
11.well known symbol of a safe house or station, displayed in a window
13.condition of being controlled by another person, in the Civil War, a master
15.person who assists runaways moving from place to place
17.name of popular abolitionist newspaper written by William Lloyd Garrison

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