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Calvin Coolidge

George Laird

1 2     3 4 5      
    7                           8
  9                 10          
12                     13     14
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  21         22   23             24  
25             26            

2.Born in __________ (year)
5.Coolidge died in __________ .
7.Vice President under Coolidge. (3 Words)
9.Granted __________ their citizenship. (2 Words)
12.Appointed this Supreme four justice. (First and last name) (2 Words)
15.President after Coolidge. (2 Words)
17.30th President of the United States (2 Words)
18.Career before politics
19.Proposed anti-__________ laws to protect blacks.
20.Coolidge's political party
21.Took over office from Warren G. __________
23.Known as "__________" because of his quiet demeanor. (2 Words)
25.A women at a party told Coolidge she had bet someone she could get at least three words out of him. Coolidge responded, "__________" (2 Words)
26.Wanted subsidies for __________ .
27.Coolidge favored increased __________
1.Would not appoint members of this racist group. (3 Words)
2.ELECTED president in ____.
3.In 1927 only the richest _% of taxpayers paid federal income tax.
4.His Wife
6.Son, died at age 16 (3 Words)
8.Coolidge was president for __________ years.
10.Coolidge reigned during an economic period known as the "__________." (2 Words)
11.Governor of __________
13.Born in __________ (state)
14.Coolidge's economic may have led to the Great __________ .
16.Coolidge's Economic Policy. (French) (2 Words)
18.Coolidge favored __________ (lower of higher) taxes.
22.Reluctant to pursue the League of __________.
24.Attended __________ college.

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