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Terresterial Environments

S. Mettler

WORD BANK: watervapor

climate weather fruit seeds plants oxygen

transpiration evaporation condensation leaves

precipitation photosynthesis producers seedling

carbondioxide germinate flower stem roots

nutrients terrarium aquarium pollination

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4.the daily temperature, precipitation, wind speed, etc.
6.a closed ecosystem with plants and its own water cycle
9.giving off water vapor through leaves
10.the gas that animals use during respiration
11.a form of water such as rain, sleet, snow, or hail that falls from the sky
13.a young developing plant that has grown from a seed
14.the process where the liquid state of water changes into the gas state
16.a water ecosystem containing living and nonliving organisms
17.the process by which plants turn energy from the sun into food
18.the part of a plant that grows seeds
21.the part of the plant that makes the food
22.holds the plant up and carries water to its leaves
23.the small plant part that can grow into a new plant
1.weather over a long period of time
2.to begin to grow from a seed
3.(2 words) water in the form of a gas
5.orgainisms that make their own food
7.(2 words) a gas that plants use for photosynthesis
8.the process where water in the gas state changes into the liquid state
12.the transfer of pollen from place to place for the purpose of fertilization
15.substances that living organisms need to stay healthy and grow
18.the part of the plant that protects the seeds
19.the part of the plants that anchor the plant and absorb water and nutrients
20.living things that make their own food from sunlight and do not move from place to place

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