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MyPlate Review

Ms. Dausch

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4.A 1/4 cup of dried fruit is equivalent to _____ cup(s) of the fruit group. (2 Words)
5.Iron deficiency that is common among teenagers.
9.Time between conception and birth.
11.Three ounces of natural cheese is equivalent to _____ cup(s) of the dairy group.
13.Calcium and _____ must be on a food label.
14.Four cups of lettuce is equivalent to _____ cup(s) of the vegetable group.
15.Type of grain that has had the bran and germ removed.
18.Ingredients are listed in _____ order on food labels.
19.A slice of bread is equivalent to _____ ounce(s) of the grain group.
20.Four hundred or more calories per serving is considered _____.
21.A little more than 1/4 of our plate should be this food group.
22.A piece of meat should be the size of what? (3 Words)
25.Which food group was part of MyPyramid but is not part of MyPlate?
27.This complex carbohydrate is found in large amounts in whole apples but is lost when apple juice is made.
30.Time between birth through adulthood. (2 Words)
32.How many subgroups of vegetables are there?
33.Which food group is egg part of?
35.How many tablespoons of peanut butter are needed to count as four ounces of the protein group?
37.For _____, their caloric intake will peak at 2200 calories a day.
38.For _____, their caloric intake will peak at 3470 calories a day.
39.Which food is part of both the vegetable and protein group? (3 Words)
40.The amount needed from this food group never changes.
1.Muscle tissue uses calories, while fat _____ calories.
2.Which fat soluble vitamin is required on the food label? (2 Words)
3.This mineral must be supplied in an infants diet because they are not born with stores of it.
6.Daily food requirements that are recommended by the government.
7.Cream, cream cheese, _____, and sour cream are not part of the dairy group.
8.What type of cheese is American cheese?
10.The amount of dairy we need a day. (2 Words)
12.Wanting just one food for awhile (2 Words)
16.Which nutrient do adolescents get plenty of because of unhealthy eating habits?
17.During adolescents, typical eating habits are influenced by _____ and lifestyle.
21.Which water soluble vitamin has to be on a food label? (2 Words)
23.Less active adults need less of these.
24.Gives upper and lower limits per day based on calories. (2 Words)
25.How much cooked rice is needed to equal one ounce of the grain group? (3 Words)
26.Can be added to breads to make them appear to be whole grain.
28.During the teenage years, the skeletal, _____, and muscular systems are still developing.
29.Most adolescents are _____ in vitamins A, B6, C, D, E, and folic acid.
31.This was included on MyPyramid but is not included on MyPlate.
34.Fruit that is _____ should be in juice or water, not syrup.
36.Saturated and _____ fats have to be listed on a food label.

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