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3 wks


      5 6
7       8             9          
  10 11        
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3.A _____ of new cars arrived at the Ford dealership today.
7.It is considered wise to _____ dark streets at night.
8.Ants _____ ant hills.
9.It is considered rude to _____ to how rich you are.
12.Robin stood on his head and acted the _____ at Larry's party.
14.We had a great time at the picnic _____ the rain.
15.Jet engines have made propeller airplanes _____.
17._____ troops often capture weapons from their enemies.
19.I was _____ when I was caught in the rain without an umbrella.
22.Mabel is a _____ cow and has a calf every spring.
25.Ellen has always had difficulty _____ her feelings from others, even when it would hurt them.
26.April and I, in fact our whole extended family, are all _____ of Mississippi.
27.The weeds from the vacant lot began to _____ into our yard.
1.After receiving a birthday card from Laura, Nathan was _____ with her.
2.William Hearst was a wealthy newspaper _____.
4.Our teacher was so _____ that she gave us three hours of homework every night.
5.The princess was dressed in an _____ gown at the ball.
6.Mothers use bottles to _____ their babies.
7.When the air conditioner broke this summer, we began to _____ in our room.
10.A _____ person often reads great literature.
11.Bryan's friends began to _____ him to try out for the tennis team.
13.The speaker began to _____ when he couldn't find his notes.
16.Florida has a tropical _____.
18.The Romans built _____ to carry water to their cities.
20.The _____ distance along the ground was ten feet.
21.The _____ child was returned to his parents by the police.
23.Ricky began to _____ down the hall after getting straight A's on his report card.
24.The mother was in _____ when she held her newborn baby.

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