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Stroke Crossword

Lindsay Hennek

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3.Blood pressure reduction is associated with _____ outcomes
4.Echocardiogram can show presence of blood ¬________ in the heart
6.Nursing can administer a swallow ________
8.A disturbance in the ability to recognize familiar objects through the senses
11.______Aphasia- Speech comprehension due to infarct in temporal lobe
13.Assess cardiac ______ using telemetry
14.TEE is performed under moderate ________
15.Ischemic strokes may be caused by clogged arteries. Fat, cholesterol, and other substances collect on the _____ walls, forming a sticky substance called plaque.
18.Blood sugar state commonly associated with poor outcomes
19.MRI- shows infarct within _______ hours of symptom onset
23.tPA = tissue __________ activator
25.Persistent burning pain, feeling of heaviness, numbness, tingling, or prickling or heightened sensitivity
27.A condition that affects complex motor integration and can result from a stroke in several areas of the brain
32.A clot may form in an artery that is already very narrow. This is called a thrombotic_____
33.Clumsy hand syndrome
34.______Aphasia- Speech production due to infarct in frontal lobe
36.Agnosia Cannot attach_______ to familiar objects
1.The ability to perceive the relationship of body parts to the external environment which may interfere with ability to ambulate related to lack of balance control and inappropriate movements
2.Echocardiogram may be done if the stroke could have been caused by a blood clot from the ________
5.Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) or CT angiography may be done to check for abnormal blood ______in the brain
7.Sensorimotor Stroke= ________and numbness of face, arm, and leg on one side of body in the absence of cortical signs
10.Stroke/TIA patients must have stroke or TIA ________ filled out upon admission
12.A clot may break off from another place in the blood vessels of the brain, or from some other part of the body, and travel up to the brain. This is called cerebral embolism, or an ______ stroke.
16.Oral _______cannot be given until bedside swallow screen is complete
17.Zone of hypoperfusion that exists around the infarcted core
18.Monitor patient temperature to avoid __________
20.Stroke education should be provided a minimum of ____times per day
21.______Aphasia- Both speech comprehension and speech production deficit
22.Homonymous Hemianopia- Cannot see past_______ without turning head to side
24.This type of stroke is the main ischemic stroke subtype associated with worsening motor deficits after admission
26.Pure ______ Stroke= Numbness of face, arm, and leg on one side of body in absence of motor deficit or cortical signs
28.Lack of voluntary coordination of muscle movements
29.Communicate with _________ regarding blood pressure goals and limits
30.MRI can detect an area of ______tissue damage
31.Pure______ Hemiparesis= most frequent of all lacunar syndromes
35.CT may reveal the _____, location, and cause of the stroke

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