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Russia/Western European History

Allanda Kriener

This crossword puzzle includes twenty words about the history of Russia and Europe. All of these words can relate to the 1300- 1900's time period. We have learned about all of these words in Social Studies class, and if you need help, this is all review from Chapter Two!

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4.An agreement between countries for mutual benefit is called an ________. (Ex.) The U.S. and England were part of one in World War II.
8.The ___________ was the "rebirth" of culture and subjects such as art and literature.
11.The __________ __________ is when scientists stopped basing their theories off of religion and started basing them on proven fact.
13.______ is a city in Germany that was separated by the Berlin Wall.
14.There was many threats of _______ weapons during the Cold War.
16.A system of government by a population, where the people elect representatives is called _________.
18.An outlook on living humans rather than the "after life" can be known as ________.
19.A _______ is a person who rules a certain place like a country; kings and queens.
20.The pride in one's country is called ___________. It can be both creative or destructive.
1.A ruler with total power over their country is called a ________. (Ex.) Lenin and Stalin.
2.The movement when things started to be made by machines in factories instead of by hand at home was called the _________ __________.
3.The time of peace that existed between nationalities in the Roman Empire was the ___ ______.
5.A type of government called _________ states that everybody is "equal."
6.The dominent social system in medieval Europe was called _________. It consisted of four different "groups" of people.
7.Catherine the Great started this cultural movement to bring ideas from western Europe to Russia.
9.The ______ ____ divided Berlin, Germany.
10.There were two _____ ____ in the 1900's, the second war having Axel and Allied powers.
12.The ____ ___ was a time of tension and word battles between Russia and the U.S. It didn't consist of actual weapon war.
15.______ is a country in northern Asia and eastern Europe. It's capital is Moscow.
17.A emperor in Russia used to be called a ____. (Ex.) Peter the Great.

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