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Chapter 12


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1.involves abrubt, involuntary movements of the head, neck, face, and extremities, particulary the upper ones
5.involve both cerebral hemispheres. An altercation of consciousness is a primary charateristic and the eizure affects both sides of the body.
7.involves impairments in muscle tone affecting the whole body ad chagig throughout the day and week.
9.involves unsteadiness,lack of coordination, and balance ,and varying degrees of difficulty of standing and walking.
10.is a condition in which persons vertebral arches are not completely closed; the perso spine is split.
11.combes spastic muscle tone and theinvoluntary movements of atetoid cerebral palsy.
14.provides noninvasive deailed pictures of various parts of the brain that are helpful in determining the presence of a disability.
17.refers to the condition in which the covering of the spinal cord, but not the cord itself petrudes through the opening created by th defect in the spine
19.affect a students motor control area of the brain, as well as sensory, behavioral, and cognitive areas
20.a large group of malformations associated with the spinal cord, brain, and vertebre
2.correlates the specifc body location of a movement inpairment with the location of the brain damage.
3.refers to the conditionin which th spinal cord or its covering, do not protude and only a small portion of the vertebra, usually in the lower spine is missing
4.cause the student to lose consciouness and often to fall to the ground and have sudden, involuntary contractions of groups of muscles
6.involves tightness in on or more muscle groups
8.are temporary neurological abnormalities that result from unregulated electric discharges in the brain, much like an electrical storm.
12.refers to a condition in which th protrusion or sac contains not only the spinal cords covering, but also a portion of the spina cord or nerve roots.
13.are a type of generalized seizures that cause the person to lose consciouness only breifly.
15.refers to the lack of muscle control that affects the students ability to move and maintain the balance of posture.
16.is a chronic lung condition characterized by airway obstruction, inflammation, and increased sensitivity
18.refers to the procedure whereby a person or an attendent inserts a tube into the urethra to induce urination

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