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1 2 3
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  13           14         15  

4.The housekeeper at Thornfield who first hires Jane as a governess
7.A priest in the church of England
9.Jane met Mr. Rochester on her way to ....
10.Ground near or belonging to a church, the place where Helen was buried
11.The place where Edward Rochester moved after the fire at Thornfield
13.The headmistress at Lowood who always kind to Jane
14.A family or last name
16.A fever easily passed from one person to another
17.Jane's long lost cousin who wish to become a missionary
18."I shall rise again" The word written on Helen Burn's tomb stone
19.A beautiful socialite who despises Jane and hopes to marry Rochester
20.The caretaker of Bertha Mason who often being blamed for Bertha's actions
1.The place where Jane was raised until she was 10 years old
2.John Eyre's lawyer
3.One of the Reed sisters who latter goes to London to see the new fashion after her mother passed away
5.The first wife of Edward Rochester
6.When Jane arrived at Moor House, she gave her name as ........
8.The place where John Eyre (Jane's uncle) lives
10.The author of Jane Eyre
12.Jane's pupil at Thornfield
15.The place where Jane teaches a charitable school for girls after she left the Moorhouse

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