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Cognitive Science Crossword Puzzle

Lisa M. Lien

1 2
  3       4         5            
6 7             8    
        15 16
  17                     18                  
    23               24                  
27 28                         29
30                                       31   32
        33         34    
37                             38                
  40               41                            

3.According to Smolensky on the architecture of cognition, when a skill becomes mastered, it moves into the ___ processor; we do something without conscious thought. P.440
5.Perception understood as an active mental process with both unconscious and unconscious mental activities intervening between a sensation and a person’s response to it. P.417 (2 Words)
6.In terms of computer processing, sequential processing of information was said to be replaced by ___ processing when there are multiple processors working at once. P.436
9.Broadbent argued that psychologists should think of input to the senses as ____, not physical stimuli. P. 421
11.Bruner’s idea that choice is an active process guided by some strategy constructed to solve a problem. P. 418 (2 Words)
12.A distinction between computer and ___ was crucial to cognitive psychology. P.422
13.The study of the person as a social being. P.416 (2 Words)
14.Idea that human behavior patterns, whether individual or social, could be explained by abstract structures of a logical or mathematical nature. P.415
17.Piaget’s observation of children’s problem-solving behavior to understand the nature and development of the Transcendental Ego. P.415 (2 Words)
19.Information-___Theory: the “language” of cognitive psychology that replaced mediational theory. P.425
20.Its goal is to make computers and robots that can do what people can. P. 421 (2 Words)
21.The new Path through Physiology is known as “cognitive ___.” P.442
23.According to Functionalism, computers use hardware to carry out computational functions, and humans use ___ to do the same things.
24.Asking questions to determine which respondent is human and which is computer. P.420 (2 Words)
25.A computer operates only on the ___ of a representation. P. 431
28.This type of psychology was booming during the 1960s and was argued to replace behaviorism. P.424
30.Festinger’s theory that that when personal beliefs clash, they induce this unpleasant state. P.416 (2 Words)
33.Information-Processing Theory views cognitive processes as ___ behavioral functions. P.427
35.The idea that computers can do anything a man can do; asserting that anything people do is a formal procedure. P.434
36.Simon predicted that psychological theories would be written as ___. P.424 (2 Words)
37.Regards people and computers as similar despite material differences and makes the analogy of mind/body and program/computer. P. 428
38.A representation has both ____ and syntax, or meaning and form. P.431
39.From the standpoint of artificial intelligence, this level of computation specifies the task the AI system is to perform. P.438
40.The type of behavior computers engage in is called “___ behavior”. P. 434
41.According to Tolman, organisms build up ___ from experience. P. 429-430.
1.According to Searle, “___ artificial intelligence” is differentiating between simulation and achievement and using computers to check theories. P. 434
2.Functionalism and information processing allow behaviorist’s to explain intentionality of behavior without ____. P.429
4.Principle applicable to mechanical or living purposive systems; information influences purposive action for adaptive behavior. P. 420 (2 Words)
7.To Marr, analysis of intelligent action must be arranged on three levels of computation: cognitive, ___, and implementation levels. P.438
8.Aimed to show that complex behavior could be reduced to simpler behaviors and thinking could be reduced to neurophysiology. P. 428 (2 Words)
10.A step from artificial intelligence where programs not only solve problems but solved them in the same way humans do. P.423 (2 Words)
15.From the standpoint of artificial intelligence, this level of computation specifies how the hardware device must carry out the program instructions. P.438
16.According to Smolensky, the ____ processor used in cognition is engaged when we consciously think about a task or problem. P.440
18.How Chomsky demonstrated sophisticated activities such as language could be explained as rule-governed systems. P.416 (2 Words)
22.The interdisciplinary combination of linguistics and psychology that began in the 1950s. P.424
26.Herbert Simon viewed humans as products of the ___ that shapes them because they themselves are simple. P. 426
27.Individual who convinced psychologists that the S-R theories were inadequate to explain human language. P.424
29.Robert Holt linked the new cognitive psychology to ___ psychology. P.426
31.According to Hull, organisms are ___. P. 429-430
32.Brentano argued that mental states (i.e. beliefs) refer to something beyond themselves, which ___ cannot do. P. 431
34.According to the author, the cognitive revolution was an ___. P.427
37.The ___ Problem questioned not only computers’ ability to imitate human intelligence, but to achieve machine intelligence at all. P.434

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