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CHAPTER 10 and 12: ePortfolios, webquests and rubrics

Sharon Bratt

Terms and concepts from Chapter 10 and 12

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1.describes, step by step, how to complete the WebQuest. May include some guidance.
2.An inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that students interact with comes from resources on the Internet.
5.brings closure to the quest, reminds the learners about what they've learned.
7.occurs during the school year
9.judging the quality of the WebQuest.
11.displays the student's best work
12.sets the stage and provides some background information.
1.the means by which an objective can be judged to have been achieved or not achieved.
3.a digital collection of student projects, assignments and artifacts
4.occurs at the end of the school year
6.Objectives that must be met as measured by performance indicators
8.score sheet that categorizes and measures expected outcomes (skill, knowledge or quality) based on degree of proficiency.
10.component of a webquest that is doable and interesting.

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